February was a busy month for us! The month began with a trip to New York Fashion Week with Nike Sportswear. For those of you who didn't know, I- Jami, was apart of an Air Force 1 Campaign in Los Angeles #FORCEISFEMALE! Part of our journey was going to NYFW with my fellow influencers on the campaign. The trip was fucking fun. They wanted us to party and mingle the whole time and that is exactly what we did. Not to mention, they treated us to bomb dinner/drinks every evening. Nike took great care of us! I was even able to take home a pair of VLONE Air Forces. My 26th birthday was in the middle of my trip so partying was involved almost every night. Of course, my boyfriend came along and we linked up with our close homies living in NYC. I attended some awesome fashion week parties and met pretty tight people. I didn't document as much as I would've like to :( but enjoy the top half of the pictures :) 

A couple weeks later, my boyfriend Aaron Kai (@aaronkkai) was exhibiting at the Agenda Trade Show in Las Vegas. We rounded the troops and 10 of us made our way to Vegas for a 3 day party vacation. Agenda trade show is where street wear brands come to show their new season. Since Aaron is an artist, his booth was in Enclave. Here you will find smaller boutiques or artists. Honestly, it's the most creative and coolest area in Agenda. Aside from admiring Aaron's handmade booth, we were throwing pregame parties in our 2 bedroom suite at the Palms (shoutout Jane). We went to Diplo at XS and half of The Migos Show- later getting kicked out of a party at the Bellagio. Vegas was a lot of fun, but I'm glad to be home. Thanks for viewing! xx JAMI ORDIZ