Meet Krista

Our fun-loving Filipino BABE

1. Describe Valentines in one word? 

Hallmark, lol. I love love, so Valentine's Day is cool & everything, but you gotta show appreciation to your guy/girl every day and not just one day of the year. 

2. Describe the perfect Valentines day/date? 

I'm super girly & romantic when I'm in love... So roses, chocolate, wine, candles, good food, and spending the day just focusing on each other. No phones or social media, but a Polaroid camera would be fun!

3. What's your favorite Valentines Day outfit? 

If anything at all, lingerie ️

4. Lace or leather? 

Leather whips are fun hahaha. TMI, huh? 

5. Have you ever had a secret admirer? If so, please tell us about your experience. 

I have! Last Valentine's Day I got a text from a Postmates guy informing me that the pizza place I ordered from didn't have heart-shaped pepperonis, and if I was okay getting regular, circular pepperonis. I didn't order any pizza. So I confirmed the address & name and it was definitely for me. He then realized he gave away what was supposed to be a Valentine's Day surprise and felt so guilty lol. But the pizza was heart-shaped & also had a cute little poem inside. I figured out who it was & that a friend gave him my address. Although the gesture was cute, I've never went out with the guy. 

6. Who is your crush this Valentines day? Guy or girl.

My Kaemi babies, duh!