Meet Teisha

This girl will always be our Kaemi muse forever 

1. Describe Valentines in one word? 

Valentine's is whatever. Yes I can love you but yes I love me too so it's like I can be my own! That's sufficient and satisfying regardless because I always love me, so 

2. Describe the perfect Valentines day/date? 

Perfect date would be eating somewhere that provides only the best of whatever the fuck it is I'm craving that day.

3. What's your favorite Valentines Day outfit? 

 Something cute and comfortable but my shoes would be killer because that's all that really matters to me lol, well that and my contour ️

4. Lace or leather? 

Lace. Leather makes me feel restricted and eh unless it's shoes!

5. Have you ever had a secret admirer? If so, please tell us about your experience. 

If I have it isn't to my knowledge but that would be pretty tight lol <3 

6. Who is your crush this Valentines day? Guy or girl.

Justin Timerblake aka my lord and savior has been my valentine and mythical lover for quite some time now which is basically all my life so there's that.